Laganella Consulting Group's team of experts will jump-start your outsourcing initiative to produce results quickly without having to sacrifice service. We offer a wide range of services that can help IT companies quickly transform to a global delivery model. LCG can develop an Outsourcing Action Plan for internal managers to execute, or consult with your team to guide the transformation from start to finish. The following are just some of the services LCG can provide.

Business Optimization
Improving the Profitability of Your Business
Do you know, or have the gut feeling that your business can be doing more, but can't find the time to fix it. LCG can help isolate inefficiencies and tap into underutilized sources of profit.
Outsourcing Consulting
Deciding If, What, & How
Either you're considering outsourcing a portion of your business, or you have an outsourcing arrangement that isn't working effectively. LCG can help you get your arms around your vendors and the services they provide.
RFI/RFP Process Management
Authoring - Review - Scoring - Selection
LCG will manage the enire RFI / RFP Process in accordance with the best practices outlined by the IAOP's Outsourcing Body of Knowledge so your management team can stay focused on core operations.
Vendor Selection
Select Based on Your Criteria, or Pick From Ours
Picking the right vendor is cruicial to a program's success, and the right vendor depends on the size of the project, and how long it will last.
We can cut the typical vendor selection process time by 50%.
Custom Appication Development & Maintenance
Laganella Consulting uses GTD methods based on David Allen's book "Getting Things Done" in its own organization. Companies like Deloitte & Touche, Microsoft, and Oracle use it. Your comany can learn how also.
Web 2.0 Programming
eCommerce & Social Media
LCG works with clients to convert websites from informational brochures into lead and profit generating engines. We also show you how to use online marketing via social media to reach customers.
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