Outsourcing Services
  • 50-60% reduction in RFI/RFP overall selection time
  • 90% reduction in time required by key decision makers
  • Apples - to - Apples comparison of all contenders backed by hard data
  • Skip the sales-fluff and focus on what matters in making the initiative a success
  • Writing RFI's and RFP's
  • Proposal processing and vendor management
  • Equally weighted scoring of viable suppliers
  • RFI/RFP Process Consulting
  • Contract writing and negotiation
  • Fast-tracking the RFI/RFP process
  • Government and Fortune 1000 organizations
  • Mid-cap companies without a formal procurement process
RFP Process Management


The RFI/RFP Process is one of the most time consuming, and complex buying method ever created. We all know the reasons why it exists, and the benefits that can be gained, but let's be real- who has time to sift through it all? Vendors are like politicians, and they present information in a way that makes them look great, but doesn't outline what needs to be known. Sometimes it's like comparing apples and bananas. We can help you fix that.

"Sometimes it's like comparing Apples to Bananas"

Apples to Apples by the Handful - Not the Barrel
Laganella Consulting Group sorts through the proposals to isolate the serious contenders. We work with that smaller group to obtain the information necessary to score all potential suppliers on an equally weighted scale using proven techniques endorsed by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). We present the decision makers with a" long short-list" based on data, and then let our clients decide who they want to be talking to.

Get Surgical Whenever Possible
For organizations that don't require open bidding, LCG recommends taking a targeted approach to the process to keep the processing of proposals more manageable. We meet with clients to understand their needs and key criteria, and distribute RFI/RFP documents to a limited group that provides sufficient options, without blasting it out to the entire universe.

LCG Can Cut Your RFI/RFP Process Time by 50-60%

Client Case Study: Publicly Traded Software Company

The Problem: LCG personnel were brought in to assist a software company in the midst of a corporate restructuring address internal challenges regarding how to be able to handle skills surpluses and deficits of personnel, based on changing product development architectures and needs. The management team was already consumed organizational changes already underway, but the project couldn't wait until the restructuring was complete, or another 6-12 months would be lost.

The Approach: The approach taken was to analyze a limited number of vendors that met very specific criteria of the customer. LCG personnel interviewed the impacted manager to asses their needs,managed the proposal process, interfaced with a limited number of vendors, conducted the site assessments, and presented recommendations to the client.

The Results: The project reduced the typical vendor selection process timeline by more than 50%, and freed up the internal management team to focus on restructuring activities. Six months after the project started the company had the ability to adjust up to 30% of their staff based on the skills needed to adapt their applications to changing market demands.

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