Technology Solutions
  • Experience from hundreds of projects
  • Unbiased advice
  • Step-by-Step Action Plans
  • Vendor Independence
  • 3rd Party Auditing
  • Custom solutions tailored to fit with existing operations
  • Executable Action Plans with performance metrics and milestones to gauge progress
  • Consultants coaching your management team as they execute
  • Service after the sale. We let the results speak for themselves
  • Companies considering outsourcing
  • Vendor selection assitance
  • Transition Management
  • Vendor Performance Improvement
  • Vendor-to-vendor transitions
  • Vendor unwinds without sacrificing services
  • Portfolio Analysis Report
  • Outsourcing Action Plans (OAP's)
  • End-user Experience Surveys
  • Operational Improvement Plans
  • Vendor Performance Reviews

The ugly secret of outsourcing is that most vendors will put a deal together first, and figure out how to make money at it later. This comes at the expense of service quality, and resultsin an end user that gets a lot less than they expect. Laganella Consulting Group’s Consulting Services provides professionals with a minimum of 10 years of outsourcing experience over hundreds of projects. They know what solutions work, and which vendors can actually deliver them, LCG Consulting helps you cut through the ‘sales speak’ and protects your bottom line.


There are a lot of options when it comes to outsourcing and it’s hard to know which approach is best for you, or if it will work at all. Laganella Consulting Group’s outsourcing professionals take the time to understand your business, and what makes it successful. During the ‘Exploration Assessment’ LCG works with your management team to understand the mission critical functions of your business to ensure they aren’t impacted. They identify low-risk-high-ROI business functions that are well suited to an outsourcing arrangement, and produce an Outsourcing Action Plan™ (OAP) with easy to follow, step by step instructions.

Influence Free Guarantee

Outsourcing vendors create solutions that compliment their operations– not yours. At LCG, every Consulting Services Expert is required to sign a service pledge that commits to provide clients the best solutions, regardless of the provider that can supply it. LCG will even help you contract a competitor. If outsourcing isn’t right for your company, LCG will explain why, and there is no charge for the Exploration Assessment.

Strategic Planning is what might be. Outsourcing Action Plans SHOW YOU HOW..

Strategic planning merely outlines what might be. Laganella Consulting Group shows you how. Execution of action plans can be assigned to an internal employee, or LCG will manage the entire transition process.

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