Workforce Solutions
  • Eliminate costly administrative overhead by outsourcing HR
  • Use our time-tracking, and payroll administration infrastructure and eliminate the internal headaches
  • Leverage the size of our group to offer better benefits at lower costs to employees
  • Reduce costs by ejecting unemployment insurance and benefits administration overhead from your company
  • Reduce fixed cost by using contractor based contingency staff
  • Enjoy greater flexibility to make changes in staff levels and skills retention based on changing market demands
  • Full-service Human Resources Management
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Employee/Contractor screening and onboarding
  • Time tracking and payroll
  • Benefits Administration
  • Contingency staff via Vendor Management Systems (VMS)
  • VMS consulting and implementation
  • Programmers - all Platforms
  • QA Testers - automated and manual
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Performance & Stress Testers
  • Finance, Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Administration
  • Virtual Assistants (VA's)
Eliminate HR Headaches With Better Flexibility

The "administratum" is killing your company's productivity. The time it takes to find qualified employees, onboard them, track time, and pay them keeps some of your best people from focusing on your core business. Benefits costs keep rising, and smaller companies can't afford to offer competitive benefits that attract the best employees.

Laganella Consulting Group can give your small and mid-cap business the scale necessary to control expenses and attract top talent. We have an infrastructure in place that handles recruiting, and pre-employment screening like drug testing and background checks that is available nationwide. We have thousands of employees and/or contractors working every day who use an online based time tracking, payroll, and invoicing system that makes life easy for both our workers, and our clients so everyone can focus on the job you hired them to do.

What if you didn't have to worry about it?

Benefits administration becomes a thing of the past. Our team negotiates with providers to get the best benefits packages to offer to your employees based on the size of our combined team, not just a group of employees from single company. Our annual enrollment process is online, and as simple to administer as sending an email. We even have kiosk based solutions for non-office based employees who don't use the internet as part of their daily routine

Case Study: The accidentally insured CEO

A company with less than 300 employees had a standard benefits package which covered most employees, and an executive benefits package available to less than 20 top managers. The executive package cost the company more than 300% more per person than the standard package. A CEO came to us shopping for a better deal on the standard package. When he compared his executive benefits to the standard benefits package LCG is able to offer based on economies of scale, the proposed solution offered better coverage with lower co-pays than his own plan, at 20% less per employee. The CEO eliminated the two-tier system, and rolled out the same benefits plan out to everyone. The company cut overall benefits cost by 30%, and won the loyalty of hundreds of employees in the process.

"The company cut overall benefit cost by 30%, and won the loyalty of hundreds of employees in the process."

Why 10-20% of Staff Should Be Contractors

It's all about flexibility. Don't let the uncertainty of the markets keep you from hiring the people you need to grow your business. Hiring contractors is the best way to get the people you need without the risk. Most managers make the mistake of looking at contractors on an hourly basis and conclude 'contractors are more expensive". If the fully-loaded costs of employees are compared to contractor costs, the contractors are cheaper and don't increase the company's fixed-cost, risk, or commitment. We've done the math for you and will email you a financial model that proves it.

Request a financial model that proves CONTRACTORS are cheaper than EMPLOYEES

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