Compliance Solutions
  • Know where your company stands at a glance
  • Quickly isolate the problem spots drilling down through the interactive map
  • Work-flow rules dictate not just Where the problem is, but What do do next to fix it
  • Configuration rather than programming driven technology allows the system to adapt to regulatory changes without additional coding
  • Software installation and configuration for in-house customers
  • Monthly subscriptions for specific industries under a SAAS model
  • Programming of rules & triggers customized for your company
  • Document scanning and loading
  • Regulatory updates and training
  • Compliance departments and managers
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Finance Industry
Failure to Comply Will Cost You

Compliance noun - the act of conforming

Compliance can mean a lot of different things depending on your sector or industry, but one thing is universal. Companies are required to comply with laws and regulations and failure to comply with the requirements of them can cost a company thousands of dollars per incident. The most commonly asked question is "How do I keep up with it all?" , and Laganella Consulting Group has a solution,

LCG is the exclusive agent representing the source code for a software product that has been successfully sold to the credit collection industry. It allows you to see where your company stands at the state and/or county level regarding specific rules and regulations programmed into the system.  Status is clearly displayed through green, yellow, and red status lights.

Clicking on any state allows the user to drill into the details, isolate the problem, and determine what steps to take to get back to a green status.

Key Features
  • Business registration tracking
  • Licensing and fee schedules
  • Federal and state filing deadline listings with current status
  • Document imaging and storage for providing proof of compliance electronically
  • Consolidated event calendar provides a digital "to-do" list for your compliance department
  • Detailed fee schedules for budgeting purposes
  • Configuration flexibility allows the application to be adapted to a variety of industries without requiring custom coding
Healthcare Compliance Initiative

Laganella Consulting Group already has a pilot project underway customizing the software for the healthcare compliance market. The initiative has the backing of a licensed and practicing M.D. who is actively engaged in the project. Look for more information as the project progresses in the Events and Thought Leadership section of the web site. In-house and Hosted (SAAS) Options

In-house or Hosted (SAAS) Options
We offer a variety of solutions that allows companies to utilize the application however they are most comfortable. Some firms require data to be stored in their data center based on sensitive business and customer data. Others are more comfortable storing data in the cloud in a fully encrypted and isolated database. Your LCG account manage can explain the pros and cons of either option.

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