Who Should Subscribe
  • Companies who have an online presence, but don't know whether it's working
  • Businesses struggling to build their customer base and/or market share
  • Cultivators of brand and product recognition.
  • Organizations without a cross-channel marketing strategy
  • Anyone interested in the elements of great campaign design, creative, and execution.
Grow Your Business With LCG's Marketing Channel

Can you directly measure how the money your company spends are marketing correlates to revenue generated? Unless you have a budget large enough to win customers through saturation, you need to. LCG's Marketing Channel can help make sense of topics like:

  • Determining which social media sites your company should focus on, and how to use them.
  • Crafting messaging plans and how to maximize them across all media.
  • How to developing a marketing plan and budget that won't break the bank, and produces measurable results at 5X or more return on the investment.
  • How to use differentiation and branding to make your offerings stand out
  • Methods for capitalizing on industry and seasonal business cycles without working 12 hour days.
  • How to avoid chasing the latest fad, without missing the "next big thing"


The purpose of LCG is to help companies make more money. Many times we find that it's a lack of a well planned, and easy-to-execute marketing strategy that is a major contributor to why companies either can't be found, or are losing business to their competition. The Marketing Channel will give you articles and tips you can take to ensure measurable results from your marketing investment that will grow revenue. If your company isn't already doing all of the things in the bullet list above, sign up for this channel using the form to the right, and take your marketing to the next level.

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