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Who Says Finance Can't Be Cool?

The numbers never lie, and making money is cool to everyone. LCG leaves the dry side of finance to the IRS and our friends who write GAAP rules.The Finance Channel focuses on things like:

  • How to write, present, and sell a business case for an initiative you know can have bottom line impact.
  • How to get department heads to look at budgets more seriously, and more often.
  • How to reduce the time drain and internal churn in compiling month, quarter, and year-end numbers.
  • How to interact with department heads to be seen as an ally, rather than an annoying "number cruncher ".
  • Best practices for accounting firms managing a portfolio of clients .


As a business optimization company, everything LCG does has the financial implications of the projects we do at their core. As a practice we might deal with more financial challenges in a year than some CFO's deal with in a career, and we share the information we pass around internally with our colleagues in financial departments at all levels. Subscribe today using the form on the right of this page to get the inside scoop.

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