Technology Solutions
  • More delivery capability without more employees
  • Lower costs when fully weighted
  • Greater workforce flexibility
  • Eliminates idle time and "bench management"
  • Enterrpise Application Development
  • Application Rewrites
  • Sundowned Application Maintenance
  • 3rd Party ERP Integration
  • Mid-cap companies with IT departments of 15 people or more
  • IT Companies with 10 or more employees
  • Venture or Angel Capital funded start-ups

IT budgets and staffs shrinking, but the demand to deliver on committed business remains the same.  Laganella Consulting Group helps you do more with less by:

  • Fill skills gaps in your existing team without having to hire or sub-contract to a freelancer
  • Reducing application re-architecture expenses by 30-50%.
  • Leveraging low cost markets that can supply a larger team for a smaller capital investment.
  • Providing just-in-time talent  to fill technology skills gaps in your staff.
  • Eliminating a company’s need to carry an unproductive bench.


Proven Techniques That Ensure Success

  • Modernization: Newer platforms like .NET and Java integrate with UI building tools that speed development and deployment process.
  • Leverage SOA: By enabling core business function access to SOA enables a company to more freely exchange data making applications more flexible and agile.  It eliminates situations where a change in one place breaks the application elsewhere, and the time and complexities associated with troubleshooting them.   
  • Use Frameworks To Reduce Work: Every application doesn’t need to be built from the ground up.  Tools and frameworks are used as the foundation of new solutions and customization is built around them.  This reduces project life cycles and saves clients money.
  • Optimize Databases: Migrating databases from traditional to relational databases enables better integration and improved reporting capability.

Continous Integration Model

LCG uses a variant of SCRUM to keep global distributed teams in sync. Sprints have very clear functional objectives to be programmed. Information is shared - tasks are completed or handed off to the next shift. Progress is measured every 24 hours. This "Follow The Sun" approach allows projects to be completed more quickly, while maintaining close monitoring of progress to ensure the deliverables of the sprint are completed as planned.

Continuous Integration Model


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